Shakira Y gerard Pique They have gone through one of the most controversial breakups in recent years generated by celebrities and from what is known, it has not been easy for both of them to deal with this issue. The former couple was together for 12 years, a relationship from which two children, Milan and Sasha, emerged. But now you can see Gerard in his new relationship with clear chiaa 23-year-old girl.

While on the part of the singer it can be seen that she is focused on other issues, mainly her children and her musical career, thus seeking to overcome the entire separation process.

The Spanish media have revealed the drastic decisions that he has had to make Shakira to overcome Pique and thus be able to heal the wounds that the separation generated. According to the media, Barranquillera has had to take psychological therapy with a trusted specialist, who would be helping her to overcome the pain. According to her information, she would be attending therapy once a week and thus help her in her emotional recovery.

Another way that Shakira he would be looking for his recovery is through his songs and his family, which would be giving him a lot of emotional support. Among the songs with which she has vented her pain we can find «I congratulate you«, «Monotony» and his most recent musical success in collaboration with the Argentine music producer bizarrea song that broke several records and became a number one trend worldwide.

The singer has not revealed much about her recovery in public, since she decided to leave her recovery in a private matter, since her recovery would be costing her a lot, since it seems that for her it is a very difficult and complicated subject.