A former employee of the Colombian singer has made harsh accusations against her, where she assures that the artist is a despotic and arrogant person with her workers.

Cristina Cardenas revealed to a media outlet in Spain that she felt discomfort with the singer during the performance of her duties as an extra coordinator in the filming of some videos of Shakira.

As stated in the interview, Cárdenas revealed the following:

“Shakira cannot look at her, you cannot take photos of her, you cannot speak to her, you cannot address her, it is strictly prohibited.”

Cárdenas continued her story saying that Shakira is a bossy artist and on different occasions she has rudely removed people from the recordings:

“Not you, you were, like that pointing with the finger.”

In addition, the woman said that due to the demands of the singer, the working hours are extended, arguing that they become exhausting periods and without the right to rest:

“A Shakira spot, which could last four hours for the shots, takes seventeen hours and with almost no breaks.”

Shakira’s former employee concluded that the artist is a demanding, bossy person, with little empathy towards her workers and with an air of superiority.