The family of Shakira decided to celebrate Christmas with a party in which they used a doll with the face of the ex-husband of the singer Barranquillera, thus recorded in a video shared by the former Miss Colombiawhere too valerie surprised with her reaction when her head accidentally fell into the pool while dancing.

The doll of the old year was dressed in the Barcelona shirt, a team of which Gerard Piqué He retired in 2022 after a lifetime footballer in the Catalan team and was accompanied by light black pants, in addition, they made him sit in a chair.

The funny scene was shared valerie dominguez in a series of posts, on her personal Instagram account, along with other photos of her New Year’s celebration and left a message with the news that she and her family welcomed 2023 with all the attitude.

The relationship of the two Colombian stars is due to the father of Shakira, who is at the same time the uncle of the actress and former Miss Colombia, Valerie Dominguez.

Here’s a new year video he shared “Gerard” with the family of Shakira.

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