Colombian music star Shakira She has had to see how her chef of years has abandoned her to go to work with her ex-partner, the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

Now, this chef already preferred to go and prepare delicious dishes for the former athlete with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, while he abandons the singer according to because he is very “unbearable”.

According to what was reported by various Spanish media, Shakira’s personal and exclusive chef has decided to leave her and has headed to work with Gerard Piqué and his new partner, the 23-year-old Clara Chia Martí.

This news has caused a sensation in social networks, since according to reports, the kitchen professional prefers the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc that to the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, since she is very “unbearable”.

The truth of this is that this is by no means the first person to make this type of accusation against the singer, affirming almost the same script that the Colombian would have airs of a diva or very demanding for the people who work. for her, either at home or in her professional area.

Meanwhile, the personal chef he would feel more comfortable and less pressured working with Piqué, who would have been friendlier to him throughout the more than eight years he worked for the former couple.