The Colombian women Shakira could see his move to Miamidue to two situations that are out of their hands and that should be resolved only on Spanish soil.

Although the singer has been dreaming of the move since the middle of the year, she will not be able to see it come true until everything is under control, her motivation for the move would apparently be to not have her ex-partner and father of her children close by, Gerard Piqué.

The singer assured that she would not repeat the year 2022 for the uncomfortable situations that he has had to endure, and although he stated that he would begin his move to USA ending the year 2022 and starting the year 2023deciding these dates so that their children Sasha Y Milan can start their school on the dates stipulated in Miami, unfortunately you won’t be able to.

Some sources say that she will have to wait a little longer for two reasons that stop her due to force majeure, on the one hand, her father’s health, who since the middle of the year has been hospitalized in clinics due to his delicate condition. And although the singer has done everything possible to transfer her to clinics Miamihiring an air ambulance, this has not been possible because his father’s health would not allow him to withstand the flight.

Added to this the father of the children Gerard Piqué He is asking his ex-partner for a little more time to share with them, before this the woman from Barranquilla refuses, since the infants must start their school on the stipulated dates. But the former player affirms that he assumes the consequences so that the children start school one or two weeks later and have them a few more days with him.