It is already normal that many artists admit who have ever been through it cockade to make facial improvements, increase your beauty and rejuvenate, and thus hide even a little the passing of the years, and Shakira has not been the exception.

It has recently been revealed by the Spanish media that the Colombian artist would have subjected to some aesthetic arrangements to look even more dazzling in her new and already successful collaboration with Carol G..

«TQG«, a single that the followers of both singers would have been waiting for a long time, due to the rumor that it would be about their ex-partners, the Latin trap singer anuel aa and the former defender of FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué.

In a publication made by a Spanish medium, they read forceful statements regarding Shakira’s physical appearance, where they claimed that an employee of the Barcelona clinic would have revealed details about the alleged surgeries aesthetics that the singer would have performed in this place.

They even said that the artist was such a perfectionist that she directed the surgical procedure that resulted in an augmentation of her lips, in which no stuffed If not, the mouth is enlarged to give a more sensual appearance when smiling.