One of the most controversial breakups has undoubtedly been that of the singer Shakira and the former soccer player, gerard Piquecontroversies that increased with the global success of the Colombian with the Argentine music producer, bizarreand for the recent news that Shakira has a song in collaboration with Carol G.where it is believed that the Barranquillera took advantage again to throw hints at his ex-partner and his new girlfriend, clear chia.

Previously, it had been reported that Shakira he would have contacted private detectives to clear up the doubts that Gerard would have been unfaithful to him. Unfortunately, the detectives confirmed her worst fear and since then the Colombian’s worst nightmare began, which she herself described as the darkest stage of her life.

In the middle of last year, the two celebrities announced that their relationship was ending and two months after it all ended, gerard Pique was seen in public with who is now officially his girlfriend, clear chia. From those moments the rumors of a possible infidelity came to light and became stronger and stronger, but what would have confirmed that Shakira knew of the infidelity was what was mentioned in her song «BZRP Music Sessions #53«.

The statements of the Spanish media «four a day«, the Barranquillera would have begun to suspect infidelity on the part of Pique Due to her departures and arrivals when she was abroad, it is also known that Gerard would have asked her for a time and space to go to his old apartment.

Faced with these strong suspicions, Shakira would have hired several detectives in January 2022 to follow her partner at the time everywhere while she was in the USA. It is believed that upon returning from her trip, the singer would have received the first photographs of Gerard with clear chiaHowever, at the time that was not a reason for me to Shakira decided to end their relationship.

Instead of ending their relationship, the singer would have asked the ex-soccer player to attend couples therapy together, thus looking for what he was starting with Clara it will remain in the past as an unimportant issue.

Months later, in May 2022, Pique would have decided to return to his family and it was at that moment that Shakira realized that there was someone eating the jam that she had at home, which made it very clear to her that the affair between gerard Y clear It was not going to end, for this reason, it would have been her who on this occasion decided to end the 12-year relationship. She also recounted this in her song with Bizarrap, because she said that she would not return to him even if she cried or begged him.