According to the Spanish entertainment media Shakira she may have requested the services of a private detective to further investigate her ex-husband’s strange behavior, Pique.

They also confirm that the photographic evidence that the detective took as part of his investigation into Piqué is in the possession of the Colombian singer, which is a series of photographs where Gerard Piqué appears together with Clara Chia Martileaving aside the theory that Shakira discovered the infidelity Gerard Piqué thanks to a jar of jam.

It is stipulated that the photographic material would have been collected in mid-March, when Shakira was attending an American television program. But the truth is that the media are still investigating the investigation to clarify the facts.

As expected, the Spanish entertainment media continue to be very attracted to the issue of “infidelity” that the current ex-couple lived, since they reveal that it is of great interest to the general public. Shakira and Piqué also received cakes and gifts for their birthdays at the door of their residences, from various entertainment sites where the controversial situation is highlighted and of course Shakira’s most recent and viral theme song with bizarre.