When the Colombian singer Shakira He still had an affair with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, The interpreter had a friendship that made the athlete angry, since allegedly there was something beyond a simple friendship, which was also about the Colombian singer Maluma.

In the midst of all the controversy that currently lives Shakira and Piqué on the occasion of their separation and custody of their two children, some speculation has come to light regarding an infidelity that the singer would have committed.

And it is that as revealed in the rumors, the artist had more than a friendship 4 years ago with her compatriot Maluma and that would have infuriated the ex-soccer player Barcelona Fc.

According to the media ‘The National” from Spain, the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ He did not have an innocent friendship with Maluma, so the closeness of both artists would have angered Gerard Piqué in the year 2018, after he allegedly discovered things that made him suspicious.

“As they remember in the networks, four years ago there was also talk of an alleged extramarital affair of Shakira,” they mention in the media “The National”.

The aforementioned medium continued to talk about the subject and revealed the following:

“However, some remember that Shakira is not a dead fly. And that she could also have had the occasional extramarital affair (…) In 2018 when Shakira recorded a song with Maluma, between the two artists there was “something more” than a friendship.”

And it was these irregularities that made Piqué enrage massively, who forbade Shakira from continuing to maintain a friendship with the interpreter of ‘Hawaii’. And it seems that these rumors are somewhat true, since it can be said with certainty that the former soccer player has never had a good relationship with the Colombian.

And you, do you think Shakira I was unfaithful to Pique with Maluma?