Shakira would be preventing her children from attending an event where Clara Chia Martí and Gerard Piqué will be

The Colombian singer, dancer, and composer Shakira would be completely preventing her two children from attending a Gerard Piqué family event. The reason? The possible assistance that Clara Chia Martí will have in the place, is something that she does not like under any circumstances.

According to what was revealed by the Calendar portal, Shakira would have rejected a request from Gerard Piqué’s legal team for her two children, Sasha and Milan, to stay longer than agreed in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The former Barcelona FC footballer, through his representatives, had offered to compensate his ex-partner for those days later, but he completely rejected the agreement. The little ones will not accompany their father at that family event, which will be the wedding of their younger brother Marc Piqué, which is scheduled to take place on June 23.

The children will have to return to Miami, United States, on June 19, something that Piqué’s brother, who is very close to his two nephews, would be very upset about.

But the real reason why the singer would not want her children to share time or space with their father’s family is that Clara Chia Martí will be there. And as it has already been discovered previously, the Colombian does not want Sasha and Milan to share time with her stepmother.

Without a doubt, this new event only increases the tension between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, since the final custody of their two children is not fully established.

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