Recently on the show Mamarazzis of the journalists Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vasquez They told their followers that they have information about a real estate agency that wants to sell the house where they lived Shakira and his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, place where he allegedly cheated on her with other women.

The journalists commented:

We control the real estate agency that is going to sell these properties, the only relationship of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué is that they own three houses, the singer’s, her parents’ and the athlete’s parents.

So, according to these reports, the address where the former player’s parents live would be in a fight between Shakira Y gerard to see what the future of the house will be, although many think that the houses will be sold and both will share the money.

Everything indicates that they learned during the divorce process that the house of the ex-soccer player’s parents entered the distribution of assets that they had when they were together in recent years since they were married.

They also took the opportunity to tell their followers not to try to find information about the property because they did not intend to post photos of the property and they will not show them to you unless “show that you have the money and financial means to buy it«.

To end the program, the «mamarazzis» mentioned that until now there is no defined date for the departure of Spain from Shakira and his sons, Milan Y Sashasince apparently there is a last dispute between the ex-partner for the date on which it is rumored that they will leave, which would be January 5 and another issue that could be delaying the singer’s departure would be the health of her father.

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