Shakira She is the artist of the moment and has hundreds of strategies that are her best allies to express her feelings without being completely vulnerable in certain situations. On this occasion, the artist wore a sweatshirt with a phrase that is possibly dedicated to her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, since it is a phrase from his latest musical success in company with Bizarre, song in which he clearly references his gerard Y Clara Chia.

The singer’s fans caught the moment the artist was wearing the coat, which led to the question if it was a dedication to Gerard.

While the artist’s fans gathered in front of her house to perform her latest musical production, Shakira appeared on the balcony wearing a sweatshirt with a phrase from the “music session 53″.

On the garment you can read.

Women no longer cry women invoice.

This famous phrase comes from his song, in which he throws strong hints at Gerard Piqué and her new partner, so again it could be a hint to the father of her two children.

She is also seen wearing a white beanie as a sweater and smiles when her fans ask her to tell her brother. tonino if you can go down for a book that you want to give him, to which Shakira He replied that he would come down in an hour and that they would take pictures.