Colombian singer Shakira he will live a very bitter and unpleasant moment next weekend, since he will have to meet not only with his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, but she will also have to do it with the woman she was exchanged for, the young Clara Chia Marti. What are the reasons?

Next weekend will be a very strong moment for Shakira, who will have to agree to go to Piqué’s house for the celebration of the 8th birthday of Sasha, his youngest son and who has requested that his birthday celebration be at his father’s house.

The problem with this is that Clara Chia will also be present at the birthday. But that’s not all, since Monserrat Bernabeu, Piqué’s mother will also be at the party.

the interpreter of ‘she-wolf’ will have to face that awkward moment, which will be under the shadow of the hard darts that she has thrown at her ex in his subject ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’, in collaboration with the Argentine producer bizarre.

the star fans Colombian, they consider it very cruel that their favorite artist has to go through those awkward moments. However, when there are children involved, these situations are sometimes very common and should always be handled in the most mature way possible, so that children are not affected by the problems of adults.