Shakira has been in the eye of the hurricane lately, after having to be in an awkward situation with the police authorities of Spaindue to the lack of control that is encouraged, when the artist performs her extravagant parties.

Last February 2 The singer Shakira held a party to celebrate her birthday, and as a way to alleviate the sorrows that her separation with Gerard Piqué. However, after having a night of drinks and loud music, the singer was fined.

In the event, the parents of Gerard Piqué were affected, who today are the current neighbors of the Colombian and her two children.

The woman from Barranquilla, who has had great success with her latest singles, where she directly attacks Gerard Piqué, was asked by the Spanish police to explain her uncontrolled party.

According to police sources: “The agents who intervened did not have to use the sound level meter to confirm that the noise that the people were making inside the Colombian’s house was disturbing her neighbors, among others, Gerard Piqué’s parents.«.

Although Shakira tried to explain the reason for her party to the authorities, she could not avoid being fined 300 euros, 320 dollars approximately to the police institution, for his little empathetic behavior when holding parties on weekdays.