More and more media are beginning to affirm that the Colombian singer, songwriter and dancer Shakira he would be starting a romance with one of his exes again. And now, it is said that the interpreter has even had several meetings since she separated from the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

Shakira had a relationship with Antonio de la Rua before Gerard Piqué. How do we all know the Colombian and the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc they separated after a great wave of infidelities that the athlete would have committed, and as if everything could not be worse, the former couple is going through a rough moment as separated parents.

It was recently said that the singer intends to take her children to Miami before January 5 of the new year 2023, causing the anger of Piqué who wanted to spend the night of Three Kings with her little ones.

To this is added the persistent rumors of a possible rapprochement between Shakira and her ex-boyfriend, with whom she was before starting the Spanish. The renowned star continues to focus on her two children, Sasha Y Milan, after the separation of Pique, but all the rumors point to the fact that he seems to have found comfort again in Antonio de la Rúa.

These rumors have increased when the Argentine journalist Karina Lavicoli from the tv show show partners, affirmed that the exes had communicated again and definitely did not rule out a reunion in Miami.

However, and now that time has passed, it seems that there is that rumored rapprochement between the two of which all the tabloids hope to see some image shortly.

And you, do you think that Shakira wants to start a romance again with Antonio de la Rúa?