the talented artist colombian She was caught driving her car, but what has caught her attention the most is the sadness that could be seen on her face.

Despite the cry of Shakira Because they respect her daily life and that of her young children, the European paparazzi follow her everywhere she goes. The newspaper Daily Mail revealed this Tuesday photographs of the Colombian after the revelations of the parties in Stockholm of Pique. “Shakira looks sad and finished”, titled the medium.

In the media report, they say that Shakira registers without makeup and depressed “behind the wheel”, in the midst of the revelations about that other woman with whom the father of her children would be chatting happily in Sweden.

The Spanish media, with the desire to defend Piqué, ensured that they had an “open relationship” and she had agreed to be his partner in order to appear before the public.

“Shakira tried to return, up to two times, with the father of her children, despite the fact that the decision had already been made. They insist that her love for him is blinding. She was hoping to be able to pick up from the wound, as happened in the past, ”the newspaper wrote. 20 minutes.

Shakira’s recent photos have quickly gone viral on networks, since ultimately, the artist does look quite sad while driving.