Shakira She is one of the Colombian artists who arouses the most admiration among her followers on social networks, and not least because the Barranquilla woman went through one of the biggest challenges in her life in 2022 with the premiere of two songs, “Congratulations» Y “monotony«which is speculated on social networks that the songs are strong hints towards Gerard Piqué after knowing the alleged infidelity of the ex-soccer player.

Through his official Instagram account, where he accumulates more than 77 million followers, Shakira has been sharing some deep thoughts about what has happened this year, which has been one of the most difficult for her as an artist to date.

It should be remembered that Shakira he also faced health problems with his father william mbarakwho visited the Barcelona clinic on several occasions.

In addition, the artist thanked her followers for the support she received in the confrontation with the former Spanish soccer player and for being able to express what she had in mind, she also highlights the emotional messages she will receive in 2023, hoping that 2023 will be better for everyone, with new music and many surprises from his career.

Shakira said:

2022 has been a year that I will hardly be able to forget, in which I have found as many challenges as true friends. Music has been a good company, but you are more.