ShakiraColombian singer of 46 years she has undergone a couple of aesthetic procedures, after finding out several months ago about the infidelity that was committed against her, and in order to create competition towards Clara Chiacurrent girlfriend of Gerard Piqué.

The original name barranquillera Shakira Isabel Mebarak He has turned to his skin care specialists, in order to look much more radiant, given the criticism that has been generated by the separation from his ex-partner eight months ago.

In addition, it was stated that she should be much more beautiful than ever for her new musical release, next to her compatriot La Antioquia. Carol that in the final video of his song «TQG» could look more radiant.

As millions of Colombians, Spaniards and followers around the world know, the Colombian suffered infidelity from the father of her children whom she saw as the person of her life, Gerard Piquéreason that generated all the anger of the businesswoman, who little by little has been building a story of revenge through her songs.

Although the Barranquilla woman does not seem to have passed the years, she has independently decided to undergo some treatments, such as lip augmentation, and the application of different acids in specific parts of her face to avoid negative judgments.

«She knows her face perfectly and directs the staff, she touches the area between the eyebrows, the lips, the nasolabial fold, the chin, the corner of the mouth, and everything is done with her direct order. She leaves nothing to chance“, detailed one of those in charge of its aesthetics.

Whose reaction is expected is the new boyfriends, who in front of the cameras seem to be very much in love, but when they meet in private, they must have one or another discussion due to all the attacks of Shakira to his dignity.