On February 2, 1977, he was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira Isabel Mebarak, daughter of a Lebanese immigrant and a Colombian. Without knowing it, she became the most hegemonic Latin American artist in history in modern popular culture, and there is no person in the world who does not know her.

Today she turns 46 years old, and is crowned as the longest-lived female star and most commercial projection of the phonographic industry of the 21st century. And it is that among popular culture, there is a tradition or trend among lovers of popwho worship only Anglo-Saxon artists.

This is how they constantly try to undermine the validity and impact that Shakira has had as a pop star at a global level. world. And it is that if you look at the statistics, the Colombian is without a doubt the most successful global artist in relation to the longevity of her career.

Shakira is the only one artist female pop, along with Madonna, who can boast of having achieved success with at least one song throughout all stages of their careers. Both being the only ones to overcome the sentence of ageism prevailing in the superficial music industry.

In order not to create divided opinions, the artistic career of the biggest pop stars of recent times will be broken down, beginning clearly with Madonnathe benchmark par excellence of pop and its temporary extension, but although it is still present, it is not a secret that it is facing a commercial decline.

P!NK, seemed to be the female artist who would take the title, but the “decline” came to her from 2019, reeling her acclaimed career. With respect to Celine Dionits massive success is based on its loyal fans for years, and for this reason it is only present in the physical sales market, since it does not appear in streaming.

Currently, it could be said that Taylor Swift She has had a similar musical career, but without achieving the impact that Shakira has achieved on a global level, an area in which Taylor Swift cannot be matched, mainly because her impact and her numbers are mostly relegated to the United States.

But Shakira, managed to overcome all that, after her third studio album, she has garnered a whole collection of hymns in America Y Europeand, furthermore, all his artistic periods allow us to extract at least one belonging to each era that he has had in his career.

During her 32-year career, the Colombian has held the position of being the most successful musical reference in the history of the latin pop culture, and their songs do not resist changes in the industry. Regardless of radio ageism, or the volatility of streaming.

His brand is unmistakable, numerous Anglo-Saxon artists have behind them catalogs of themes that are not always associated with them. On the other hand, the public easily recognizes “Hips Don’t Lie”, “waka waka» «Whenever, Wherever», «Torture» or «Loba».

Shakira challenges the ethnocentrism with which the domination of sales counts is conceived. And it is that her stardom is not local, focusing only on USA or the United Kingdom, Shakira is a true interregional star, who does not see her influence limited to Anglo-Saxon culture.

Shakira is now the greatest essential contributor to the revitalization of the presence of Latin America in mainstream culture, transcending generations. a real cultural landmark the fact that she is among the highest-grossing female artists in the history of the modern music industry.

Detracting from Shakira’s commercial relevance, her repercussion or the dimensions of her success, while she prevails as the foreigner who managed to defeat the Anglo-Saxon musical block, incurs in an ethnocentric, racist, omissive and deeply ignorant reading of the Latin American legacy in the pop culture.