Colombian singer Shakira It could again be going through its problems with the Spanish treasury, and the Spanish government responds strongly and directly.

In recent months, the Colombian has been persecuted by a series of problems that has led her to make strong decisions for her own good and for the good of her two children, Milan and Sashasince the Colombian decided to move to US lands to have a new start away from the problems that haunted her in the city of Barcelona, ​​and so that her children could be calm without being persecuted by the media to give statements about their mother and his father, the ex-soccer player.

However, even though Shakira has moved to another continent, this has not made the problems of the old city where she lived stop haunting her. The singer would again be facing problems with the Spanish treasury for tax evasion. The prosecutor’s office of this country has summoned the singer before a court to carry out the November 20, 2023.

They point to Shakira with the charges of tax evasion between the years 2012 and 2014 with an approximate sum of €14.5 million ($16.2 million), the singer would also have a fine of €23.8 million ($26.5 million) for the same reason, so The Spanish prosecutor’s office asks for eight years and two months in prison for the Colombian woman to pay her charges for not reporting these millionaire amounts of money.

The Colombian Shakira in recent days has been in meetings with her lawyers, looking for the best ways to solve this problem as soon as possible, and looking for a way to prove that the singer is innocent of the charges against her.