The parents of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, they’d be pretty tired of having to deal with the fact that they’re neighbors with Shakira, their ex-daughter-in-law and who have made it very clear that they also deserve theirs for covering the back of their son, who had another romance while he was still living with the Colombian singer.

Monserrat Bernabeu and her husband are really tired of their ex-daughter-in-law and what has now become the house that was once the home of their famous son, who had the help of his parents in hiding his extramarital affair with the young woman. Clara Chia Marti.

The fury of the former in-laws of the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, has been revealed by some Spanish media, who affirm that Montserrat and Joan Pique They can’t stand the parties, the music and the shouting that now take place in Shakira’s house and its outskirts.

As revealed, it is said that the paternal grandparents of Sasha and Milan They can’t even rest well and the excess sound that is now in the Colombian’s house affects their health and peace of mind.

Adding to this, the journalist Marc Leirado of the program “Socialite”, He stated that Piqué’s parents were “so tired” of Shakira’s parties that they even considered moving out of that house to get away from her.

However, they decided to decline their idea because they remembered that the Latin star will move to the Los Angeles this year. USA along with their two children.

As many of us know, the interpreter of monotony He also cut his ties with the Catalan’s parents. The artist could not ignore the fact that her former in-laws were accomplices in the betrayal that Piqué was doing behind her back.

It is said that Monserrat Bernabéu accepted that the athlete put Clara Chia in her house hidden from Shakira, something very unpleasant and quite reprehensible on the part of the lady.

And you, what do you think of the festivities? Shakira that fill the patience of your ex-in-laws?