Shakira spoke for the first time in an interview about her separation with the father of her children, Gerard Piqué. In the interview with the Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo for the channel N+the singer opened her heart and talked about the insecurities she had and how her separation affected her idea of ​​love and how she learned to be enough on her own.

Shakira He also spoke about the success of his songs that talk about heartbreak, assuring that he represents women who are going through a similar situation and that he feels obliged to lend them his voice. In addition, the singer revealed that her collaboration with Bizarap Music Sessions #53 it was a great outlet for her own healing and recovery process, and she thanks Biza for giving her that space and opportunity.

The artist confessed that she had always been quite emotionally dependent and that she was “a lover of love”. However, what she experienced and the pain it caused her helped her realize that she alone is enough and that she has come out of the situation stronger.

In a moment of vulnerability, the Barranquillera spoke of being on the ground for a long time, but that the support of her fans, her children and the desire to make music helped her get up and be ready for the next round.

Shakira he shows his most vulnerable side in this interview and makes it clear that he has been through difficult times, but that he has managed to get ahead. Her testimony can serve as an inspiration for other women who are going through a similar situation and need to find the strength to carry on.