Singer Shakira In the last year he had not had a good time after learning that his ex-partner Gerard Piqué he had been unfaithful to him, with whom his current girlfriend is Clara Chía; However, somehow her children have shown her the support they have for her in the recent song that the Colombian has released.

The Barranquillera in the last year had released songs that became a bit controversial due to their lyrics, «TQG» «Music Session #53«, They were songs in which the lyrics alluded to the infidelity committed by her ex-partner, but in her recent release, the singer has managed to show the whole world how her two children Sasha and Milan They accompany you and support you.

Although the two minors have accompanied their father in soccer tournaments and other events, they recently moved with their mother to Miami to start a new life, away from all the media that harassed them, staying with the singer for the longest amount of time.

«Acrostic» was released the past 15 th of May and the participation of the two minors has undoubtedly managed to cause emotion in all their followers. The two children at some points in the song say “Loving you serves as an anesthesia for pain, it makes me feel better, for whatever you need, I am here to complete what I am«.

The comments supporting the tenderness of the two minors, I don’t know, have kept us waiting on social networks.I only see two children who are very proud of their mother and despite their young age, they know everything that happens, so they protect her.«, «Shakira has definitely buried Piqué, Milan and Sasha have shown that theirs is music like their mother and not football«, among many more who have managed to position the song among one of Shakira’s most successful.