Shakira apparently showed him the song”Monotony» to his then partner Gerard Piquétime before their separation and it was he who gave the last approval to the song.

The news was recently revealed by the true composer of the song in an interview, where in addition to telling details of the preparation for the success of the barranquillera with ozunadenied the fact that the song had been created against Piqué.

The couple who ended their relationship in the middle of the year 2022It did not end in a friendly way, nor due to a lack of affection, the separation was due to infidelity. For this reason it was believed that the singer would have released three songs that had a specific destiny, Pique.

But now this is denied by the new news that comes to light. The composer keitynwho wrote and collaborated in the composition of Shakira’s latest musical hits, gave details in an interview on Youtube to the page “MolluscoTV«.

The composer was asked if the song «Monotony» was done because Shakira He requested it because of the situation he was going through, or if he already had the song, to which he replied that the song was ready even before he met the singer.

«Monotony, it’s a song that I did before I met Shakira, I had it saved. I sit down with her a little over a year ago, and I present her ‘Monotonía’ and ‘Te Felicito’. She wasn’t going through it yet (separation)“, the source claimed.

«We made the songs, they recorded them, Piqué came in, listened and said: wow, I love it.“Added the Antioquian. Now the followers of Shakira They are questioning if there was actually infidelity and separation, or if it is all a commercial strategy to generate income with the subject.