Shakira, The successful Colombian singer has wanted to send a forceful message to her followers about her insistence on the World Cup, and her reasons are totally logical.

Before the start of the world cup, it was speculated that the singer would be part of the inauguration as usual, and although a few days at the beginning the rumors increased, it was only until the same day that the fans and the media announced that Shakira would not show up.

After this, at the end of the cup, the news of the presentation of ozuna At the close of the World Cup, suspicions increased that the singer would present a final song, however this did not happen either.

And the fans did not have to wait long to find out why the singer did not appear at any time, the reasons are completely logical, although they have also been criticized by some.

The Barranquilla spoke with a message dedicated to Amir Nasr-Azadaniwho will be executed by the authorities for collaborating in the protests that demanded respect for the rights of women in his country.

“Today at the World Cup final, I just hope that the players on the pitch and the whole world remember that there is a man and fellow footballer named Amir Nasr, on death row, just for speaking out for the Women rights” the singer said in a statement.

the mother of Milan Y Sasha He had also communicated one of the reasons why he did not feel it was important to attend the World Cup in that country, «The World Cup and Christmas cannot be more important than human life, women’s rights, and those voices that others want to silence by force. Let’s talk about what’s really important or let’s shout together, while we have a voiceadded the singer.

Her fans hope that women’s rights are not violated in the country, and they want to see the Barranquillera again on the stage of the next World Cups.