Shakira and the mother of Gerard Piqué He definitely no longer gets along, and this has been demonstrated in recent months after his separation with the ex-soccer player. Nevertheless, Montserrat Bernabeu and Barranquillera have never been on good terms, as Shakira’s former mother-in-law wanted to give her advice, and when she followed it, it was one of the worst decisions she could have made.

In an interview with international media, Shakira opened up about the advice and what she said was: “worst mistake of my life«.

Montserrat Bernabeu and Shakira seemed to get along after they had a family bond of 12 years thanks to the relationship that the singer had with Gerard Piqué, the good friendship was also suspected after the former couple had Milan Y Sasha, but that relationship was destroyed after the separation of the couple.

If there was any doubt about the relationship between Montserrat and Shakira, the recent song of the artist with bizarap clarifies everything, since she claims that Gerard has left her ex-mother-in-law as a neighbor, a fact that the singer did not seem to like, apart from Bernabeu he was seen to be very happy with Clara Chía, a situation that demonstrated how well Montserrat gets along with Your child’s current partner.

The advice that Montserrat gave to Shakira He treated her hair, told her that it was neglected and mistreated, and that for this reason she had to cut it, to which she agreed and in the interview she said that that moment was the “biggest mistake of her life”, she also assured that I would not listen to the mother-in-law again.