the relationship they had Shakira Y Gerard Piqué It continues to give people talk, but this time the topic of conversation is because the Colombian singer recently said in an interview that her ex-partner “he liked to be in control«.

The new revelations came after Shakira will talk about the video of his famous song «Can’t Remember to Forget You«, which he produced together with Rihanna, in which he appears with some very sexy scenes between the two women.

since to Shakira He said that it was his turn to ask permission from Gerard Piqué to make the recording, and at one point said that the father of her children was “jealous and territorial«, so it was important for her to have his support, for this reason he had a great influence on her decisions.

While the Colombian spoke in the radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, she said:

Obviously, I asked him before making the decision to make the video, which, of course, I knew some people were not going to like very much. But since from the beginning he supported me and encouraged me to do it, I thought that it was not going to generate as much repercussion either. Bearing in mind that Piqué is a very jealous Y territorial, who always likes to have everything under control, having his approval made everything so much easier.