Colombian singer Shakira She would not sit idly by and responds to the calls of “burning and hurt” to some Spanish media that treat her in this way.

The Colombian has been the center of attention for the media for many months, since a new controversy or something to talk about the singer comes to light daily. Shakira currently resides in Miami after moving there with his two little ones trying to start a new life away from the problems that the ex-soccer player brought him Gerard Piqué and the city of Barcelona.

According to weekly magazineShakira made the new release of her song “Acrostic”, the singer expressed that it was a song with a lot of nostalgia, love and affection for her two children, Milan and Sashawho were an inspiration to the singer, and it was the two of them who gave her the strength to get ahead.

However, the Spanish media did not miss this opportunity and began a series of speculations and attacks against the Colombian for her new song, “Incredible, have you forgiven Piqué? Maybe not, but he is taking steps in this direction. Distance is a very powerful balm, new companies too. Still hurt, but everything passes”, commented a Spanish medium. In the same way, the singer Shakira responded to these attacks by expressing that her intention was never to shoot Gerard Piqué, but that the only thing she wanted was to dedicate a little of her art to her two little ones.

The singer’s followers are very happy for her and for the new song she released, sending her messages of support through social networks, expressing admiration for how her growth has been in the face of all the adversities she had to face in her past.