ShakiraColombian singer, has received a strong warning from several followers, mentioning that she does not calculate how far her recent success with the Argentine producer could go bizarre«Music Sessions #53«, and that he has had serious problems.

The renowned artist, deserving of praise for her iconic songs, released the past January 11 one of the new songs where he complemented his attack on his ex-partner Gerard Piquéand his girlfriend Clara Chiafor the infidelity that was committed while the Colombian was still in a relationship with the player.

Even though the song was named one of the most listened to worldwide, breaking several records, it has also received negative reviews from some fans.

Recently, while the song is still heard by millions of people, a TikTok in which the disagreement with Shakira was exposed, since the success has been so resounding that even the little ones carry out their daily activities with the song in the background.

In the video that is circulating on social networks, you can see a group of children playing innocently on a jumping jack, located in an amusement park in Mexico. The funny thing is that while the children are having fun with the neon lights and songs in the background, when they play the theme of Shakira the minors do not hesitate to sing the song loudly from beginning to end.

The video that already completes more than 2.6 million of “likes” was posted by one of the mothers who was in the place, who jokingly states: “Shakira, this has already gone too far, you did not measure the consequences“, adding that the funniest part is when they sing at the end “sorry that you splash.”