The Colombian businesswoman Shakira reappears on his social networks, and this time launching a new hint at Gerard Piquéadmitting that she still loves him.

in the middle of 2022 the separation between the Colombian and the Spanish was known for a blunt infidelity; However, despite causing pain in the barranquillera, she was also her inspiration to perform several musical themes with which she has broken records worldwide.

Without hiding the rancor and anger she had for the betrayal, the singer released her latest musical single “Music Session #53«, with the renowned Argentine producer bizarrein which with “very direct hints” he attacked Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend Clara Chia.

However, the singer in a recent public appearance through a video, was quite sad and apparently very lonely, since she would not have a companion to celebrate the special date. Contrary to the case of Gerard, to whom she dedicated a song while cleaning her house.

Thanks to her musical works, the singer and businesswoman has proven to be quite a professional by throwing hints, and this would be added to the list of those she has sent to the father of her children. Even this time includes a “I love you» in your message.

Shakira appears in a video singing the lyrics of a song called kill bill of SZA and when translated into Spanish he says: “Maybe, maybe I’ll kill my ex, it’s not the best idea, his new girlfriend is next, how did I get here? Maybe I’ll kill my ex even though I still do.” Master, I’d rather be in jail than alone.”

With the video and singing the song, Shakira has shown that she still has mixed feelings about her separation, and that it has not been easy for her, much less on special dates like Valentine’s Day.