Shakira has reacted to the first selfie he posted Gerard Piqué, with his current girlfriend Clara Chia Martiin your personal account instagram.

The Colombian has shown her displeasure at the publication made by the former defense of the Barcelonaand revealed how he started his Thursday after seeing the publication of the image.

After more than six months of controversy over the separation of the couple who had 12 years relationship, apparently the ex-soccer player has preferred to continue increasing criticism of him and his girlfriend. This is because the followers of Pique They have turned their backs on him, after making public the infidelity he committed against the singer.

And after publishing his first official photo on his social networks, not only fans have reacted negatively to the photo, now the same Shakira He has shown his followers his unexpected reaction.

The Colombian who refrains from posting photos of her day to day has changed her mind on this occasion. She taught her followers the way to start her Thursday, making breakfast for the two children she had with Gerard, Sasha Y Milan.

«mom pancakes“, published the artist with a photo of a pancake in the form of the animated doll Mickey which had traces of having been burned, he immediately posted another photo showing another better-looking pancake and wrote: «Granted this one was inedible but luckily my kids have patience with me in the morning«.

According to various media, the singer wanted to imply that if Piqué has Clara Chía, Shakira she has her two children with her and is much more important, so she hopes to move to USA to have full custody of the two minors.