the famous singer Shakira again turns on social networks, this time the controversy would be because the singer has publicly attacked Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend Clara Chiawith whom his ex-partner was unfaithful.

The artist preparing for the launch of her new song, apparently with the singer bizarrehe does not miss any opportunity to declare his anger against the current couple.

Shakira who did not finish the year as expected, admitted that he is very «hurt» with the betrayal of Gerard, father of her two children, because after 12 years stable relationship, what was least expected was infidelity.

Media confirm that the new song of the interpreter of “Monotony» has as its main theme his breakup with the ex-soccer player, but it also includes Clara Chia, and although he does not mention them explicitly, the entire public knows for whom the stanzas are directed.

The announcement was made known after the skies of Miami a small plane was seen flying over with a tape that said: «A wolf like me is not for guys like you«. And although in several sentences he refers to PiqueClara is not saved from the mention.

«It’s too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you, This is so you can mortify yourself, chew and swallow so you don’t splash, I won’t go back with you even if you cry or beg me. I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you, I only make music, sorry that I splashed you«, They express several verses of the song.