Shakirathe iconic world star, revealed why he preferred never to marry his ex-partner Gerard Piqué despite having more than a decade as boyfriends.

The couple should have ended their relationship in June 2022, despite taking more than 12 years of love and after having two small children, because the Colombian did not want to be with the father of her children, who before finishing with her was already beginning to date another woman.

Despite the fact that the couple had lived together for a considerable time, they never got married, something that is very strange now, after Gerard Piqué generated marriage rumors with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

For this reason, Shakira’s statements have once again been positioned on social networks, when she referred to the subject of marriage in the podcast Planet Weirdand admitted that she did not see herself dressed as a bride or marrying Gerard Piqué until she noticed that her partner’s attentions were consolidated.

«I want him to see me as his girl, as that forbidden fruit. I prefer to keep him attentive and think that everything is possible depending on his behavior» declared the Barranquillera at that time. The interview would have taken place at a time of crisis for the couple, when their first temporary separation occurred.

Although his fans at that time did not understand why they did not get married, today when they learned of the former soccer player’s bad deeds and betrayals, they thanked the interpreter of “Monotony» not having married Piqué.