the famous singer Shakira, has not missed any opportunity to let Gerard Piqué and his family know the pain he has felt for the betrayal committed towards her. On this occasion, the singer has put a terrifying figurewhich apparently is addressed to his former mother-in-law.

The house of the Barranquillera is located a few meters from the house of the parents of her ex-in-laws, that is, the parents of Gerard Piqué. And everything indicates that this figure is strategically located so that every time her former mother-in-law leaves the house, she can observe it.

The singer who has broken records on platforms like Youtube Y Spotify With his new song, he has managed to make several paparazzi notice the detail.

Jordi Bastepresenter and who is apparently a friend of the player Gerard Piqué, declared that for a few months, the singer has put a figure of a witch on the balcony of her house, the figure that resembles the size of a person, is placed in direction to the house of Piqué’s parents.

The news seems to have some truth, because in the new song of the Colombian, a stanza indicates that she is a neighbor of her ex-mother-in-law, “You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law.”

In addition, the journalist Jordi pointed out: «They open the window and find the witch. Plus it’s scary«. who referred to Montserrat Bernabeu as a person with a humility above the traditional average.