It is said that the mother of Gerard Piqué she is devastated with the decision and actions she has taken Shakira with his kids. It is known that Shakira peppered her ex-partner and her new girlfriend with hints, clear chiabut he also mentions his former mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeuwith whom it seems that he did not have a good relationship.

Apart from the betrayal by Gerard, what the Colombian has not been able to overcome is the pain that her ex-mother-in-law has so quickly accepted Clara Chia in his house.

Also what has made Shakira have mentioned Montserrat in her song with Bizarrap was the fact that she knew about the love affair that her son, Gerard, was having with Clara, and that she hadn’t done anything about it.

Shakira has not been able to forgive either that after all the damage she felt from the betrayal, she had agreed to share with the 23-year-old in the same place where the Barranquillera shared with her former in-laws on vacation.

As a response to all the lies and deceit on the part of Gerard’s family, Shakira He has made the decision to want to take his children away from their paternal grandparents, because the Colombian would have forbidden his children to call Montserrat «Grandmother«.

This decision would have made Montserrat feel devastated and hurt, but this would have been a forceful attack on her former mother-in-law for having turned her back on her and hiding something so important and delicate from her, to finally accept the mistake she made from her son.