Shakira He had to live a bitter experience this end of the year, after giving him his two children Sasha Y Milan a Piquethe painful farewell was narrated by a close source, who was able to show the sad moment.

The relationship between the singer Shakira and the player Gerard Piqué it came to an end in the middle of 2022 for reasons of infidelity, which is why their divorce was a media process full of controversy, and although they did not make a forceful decision regarding the custody of their children, Shakira She was chosen to take care of the minors.

And although the artist is the one who should have the two infants, this time she was seen quite sad by their farewell, since the player would now be in charge of taking care of them.

The singer chose to spend Christmas away from the media and the harassment of the public press, so she took advantage of a short vacation in dubaihowever when returning to Barcelona I knew I was going to live a hard time.

In the former couple’s divorce agreement, the point was clarified that Pique he would spend the end of the year with his two children. Journalist Marc Leirado He was the one who reported the moment, «Last night something happened that touched my soul. All day waiting for Piqué to arrive to take the children, since these 10 days are with him“, he wrote on his account Twitter.

«I heard the harsh farewell of Shakira and her young son who was crying and yelling ‘Mommy!’ as they headed to the garage to leave, while Gerard tried to comfort the minors ». She clarified, and although Shakira She was very affected, it is hoped that soon she will be able to be with her children again.