Shakira has suddenly left Barcelona after reaching a legal agreement with Gerard Piqué For custody of the children, the ex-soccer player accepted that she stay with Milan and Sasha, who will live in the city of Miami.

So the move started fast, and she was the first to leave Spain, but before reaching the city of Miami, Shakira apparently headed to another destination with a mysterious companion.

The paparazzi caught the singer walking through the airport with several suitcases, in Jordi Martin’s video, we can see that she is ready to leave the country where she has lived for almost a decade.

Dressed in black, with a hat and sunglasses, the singer tried to go unnoticed at the Barcelona airport, but the paparazzi followed her as she fled Spain.

What is worrying is that the Colombian is alone, since neither Neither Milan nor Sasha were with herwhich suggests that they will be in the house of gerard until Christmas, before starting his new life in Miami.

On the other hand, Jordi Martín hinted that Shakira She will not travel with her children or go to Miami because apparently she has other plans and we could see her return with a surf instructor.

Shakira Y Pique They reached a legal agreement on the custody of their children this Thursday after months of tense negotiations and scandal, which made the move from Barranquilla to Miami comfortable.

The charges brought against Shakira The Ministry of Finance did not prevent her from moving or leaving the country, so there were no restrictions or legal consequences for her, since she was able to take the case over long distances.

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