Colombian singer Shakira He has launched what is his new business, managing to have more liquidity with one of the favorite objects of his ex-partner, and father of his children Gerard Piqué.

The singer has recently released a song where she takes direct aim at her ex Gerard and his new girlfriend. Clara Chiathrough several hints that are included as phrases within the song, and that to this day has become a hymn for all the fans who have left a wound in their hearts.

And as his theme with the Argentine producer says bizarre «Music Session #53«, «Women no longer cry, women invoice», the woman from Barranquilla would be giving the first example with her unfortunate case.

Although Shakira had already sold some divers with the phrases stamped on what her song says, this time she went for something more risky and decided to sell one of her ex-boyfriend’s favorite products.

The famous Colombian, who has participated in the most important shows internationally, is putting her line of perfumes on sale, and despite the fact that she has several references, one in particular has attracted attention, “rock the night«, which is one of the most precious perfumes of Gerard Piqué.

The interpreter of «MonotonyHe hopes to launch an attack on him once again, to let him know that he is opposed to suffering for the betrayal he committed, thanks to him he has achieved an unimaginable fortune, while the former soccer player loses more and more of his capital every day.