In the midst of so many rumors, so many bad news and so many tears that the Colombian singer Shakira has had to endure in recent months, thanks to his separation from the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, The interpreter would be giving herself another chance in love. But yes, outside Spain, and his love destiny would be marked in his move to the USA.

For more than a month, numerous rumors of a romance between Shakira and the Spanish singer began to circulate on networks Alejandro Sanz. And although these were not confirmed, some evidence was revealed that suggested a romance between the two.

The first of these is the very intention of the interpreter of ‘The bike’ to move to the city of Miami. And although the Colombian stated that the reason for her decision is due to wanting to get away from the Spanish media, the real reason would be Alejandro Sanz. Why?

Well, it turns out that the famous European interpreter has been living in Miami for several years, and according to several close sources, he would have been the one who suggested to the singer to move there.

Shakira intended to move to the United States with her two children this month. However, and due to several problems regarding the legal permits that her two children must have, the trip has now been delayed until the month of June.

But from then on, the future and destiny is quite clear, she will not look back and her mind is already focused on Miami being her new home, whatever the cost.