After the arrival of the Colombian singer, songwriter and dancer Shakira to Miami, United States, The press has been very aware of each of his steps. Given this, there is talk that the superstar would now be romantically involved with a sports star from the nba. Who is it about?

According to what the international press has been reporting, Shakira could be linked to other dating rumors with an NBA player. After she was linked with the renowned actor Tom Cruise and with the pilot of the Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton the star is now linked with Jimmy Butler.

Butler is one of the stars of the Miami Heat of Basketball, who, according to the international press, would have already taken the first step and would be involved in an unexpected romance with Shakira.

One basis of the rumors created is that the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ was present at a game of the playoffs of the nba of the Miami Heat and encouraged the team effusively through his social networks.

However, all these details are only rumors that media such as ‘The country’ and ‘Free Press’ have been publicizing, so there is no way to confirm a romance between the two stars.

The move of Shakira to the city of Miami, due to his media separation with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, It has brought with it a new interest from the press in terms of her personal life, since everyone wants to know if the artist already has a new romance that allows her to definitively close her past.