Colombian singer Shakira She is in the eye of the media for being a “diva with many eccentricities”, clearly also for her break with the player Gerard Piqué with whom his relationship ended in the middle of the year.

Shakira Although she is a singer very loved by her fans, she is also sometimes criticized for her particular lifestyle.

The singer who reflected on the painful year she had to go through due to her breakup with Piqueshe has had to find ways to not be very vulnerable to the media that constantly questions her.

It was recently revealed how Shakira she takes care of the media and paparazzi that harass her, and is that she is subject to paying an extravagant service for her cell phone that very few approve of.

A well-known portal affirmed that «all the singers of this stature, the mother of Milan and Sasha is also a diva with her eccentricities“, and assured that the singer must pay for a security system service for her mobile device for which she pays approximately 40,000 euros, $45,000 approximately and in Colombian pesos about 202 million of pesos.

The portal assured that due to the singer’s controversies, she must protect any content on her cell phone, since the normal security of cell phones is very little and important content can be hacked at any time.

«The 40,000 euros is not exactly the price of the phone, but an addition to guarantee your security and privacy. Your device has a backup system for your private communications. For this, you pay for a highly advanced security system that protects you from hackers and external infiltrators.“, the source finished.