Shakira She is being greatly affected by a recent news that circulates on social networks, and that includes her ex-partner Gerard Piquéand the girlfriend Clara Chia.

The businesswoman, model and singer, has allowed all her followers to see and hear how upset she is with the situation that caused the termination of her relationship 12 yearswith one of the most important ex-soccer players worldwide.

Without any kind of hesitation, he has released more than 3 songs where, without many restrictions, he has pointed several hints at the new engaged couple, who began their relationship after Shakira realized the infidelity they were committing towards her, when she was at home. travel on personal or business matters.

And although the news has become an international media issue, and several followers of the Colombian have shown their disagreement with Piqué’s actions, the fracture of their relationship has not been easy. However, now there is other news that breaks his happiness again, and that is that according to different Spanish media, Gerard Piqué and the model of 23 yearsChía, are officially living together, adding more formality to their relationship.

Those close to the player have reported that there are only a few things left for the organization between Clara and Gerard to become effective and they finally live together, but that she already spends most of the time at the player’s house that he has on the street muntaner of Barcelona.

If the information is true, her followers hope that the Barranquillera will continue to attend her therapy consultations that can help her reduce her pain, which is undoubtedly understandable.