The Colombian women Shakirarecognized worldwide for being a talented singer, has sent an overwhelming and painful letter to her ex-partner Gerard Piqué.

One of the news that impacted the world of entertainment was the separation of the couple who had been together for more than 12 years of relationship, and that was classified as one of the most stable in the world. The separation was announced by the same Shakira in a publication on their social networks, and it quickly became known that the reason was an infidelity of Pique To her.

However, and for the sake of their two children, the couple had to continue assuming a relationship as parents, but in the face of the singer’s pain, and after various agreements to avoid having to be close to the player, the singer won custody of their children. two small children.

Although the couple was not on good terms, apparently there was no formal farewell to their relationship, which is why the singer decided to send a letter to his ex-partnerwho is now enjoying his courtship with the woman he used to cheat on her.

The businesswoman published a New Year’s message on her social networks, which was undoubtedly addressed to gerardAmong his writings, a phrase caught the attention of his followers. «Fewer are leaving and more are staying by our side. Our tears are not contempt, they water the ground where the future will be born and make us more human, so that in the midst of heartbreak we can continue to love.“he added.

His ex-partner has not yet made any statement about their separation, but it is expected that he will have some words of apology for the mother of his children.