Singer Shakira He has sent a controversial message to his ex-partner Gerard Piquéfrom the comfort of the balcony of your house.

The dispute between the ex-boyfriends is still far from over, apparently the Colombian does not plan to end the revenge against the person who was unfaithful to her for about 12 yearswhile they were in a loving relationship.

And apparently the three songs that the Colombian launched against Gerard are still not enough, so every time she has an opportunity to point out negatively, she will. This time from her balcony, and with a huge smile, the Colombian sent a message to Piqué.

The January 22, Milanthe son of the two fulfilled 10 years, for which it was celebrated at Shakira’s house with all her companions. Relatives of the minor arrived at the place and of course, her father Gerard Piqué who did not take long in the place.

According to the media at the celebration they met Shakira Y gerardand although it would be believed that the meeting was a happy moment for the celebration of the minor, Shakira from her home affirmed that the battle continues, the singer has come out to greet the fans and the media who were waiting to see her from afar.

The curious thing is that he appeared with a diver-type shirt with a phrase that said: “Women no longer cry, women charge”, a phrase that is included in the recent song by the Barranquillera.

With this the artist of 45 years he makes it clear that he will continue to attack his ex-partner as revenge for the betrayal he committed, and clearly he will continue to bill.