Colombian singer Shakira He has affirmed with his actions that he still does not surpass his ex-partner and father of his two children, the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué.

The problem between Shakira and Gerard Piqué It continues to give people talk, after the ex-soccer player was discovered an infidelity that he committed against the Colombian with the model, Clara ChiaThis has brought a series of confrontations between the ex-partner after all the years they were together as sentimental partners.

To get away from all the problems, the Colombian has decided to move to Miami along with their two children, Milan and Sashain search of a new life and a new beginning for the three together, far from all the harassment of the Spanish media.

On the other hand, Shakira is already living and enjoying the streets of Miami, and some followers have seen her walking alone through shopping centers and restaurants in the city, however, apparently she still has not forgotten her ex-partner, and in the Social networks are haunting an image of the singer with an outfit criticized by the followers of Clara and Piqué.

The Colombian was seen using a bag Balenciaga that his ex-partner had given him, implying that he has not yet forgotten the ex-soccer player and continues to keep belongings that he gave him at the time. Fans of Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué have criticized the singer with comments like: «The toxic woman walking through the streets of Miami using a bag that Gerard Piqué gave her for Christmas 2019. Poor thing, she does not stop humiliating herself«.

In addition to this, criticism has increased because she is still throwing hints against the father of her two children on her social networks.