ShakiraColombian singer has revealed that she has almost ready the gift that she will give to Pique, because of his birthday.

the artist of 45 years has not stopped publicly attacking Piqué in anger at the infidelity committed by the ex-soccer player, destroying a home of more than 12 years and two minors in between, the fruit of their love.

Shakira He is a few days away from showing another of the gifts he has against the former defense of the Barcelonaand his new girlfriend Clara Chiawoman with whom he was unfaithful to the interpreter of “I congratulate you«.

Apparently the Colombian already has a list and is eager to release a song on Gerard Piqué’s birthday, very much in the style of Miley Cyruswho also shared a heartbreak song with the public, dedicated to his ex Liam Hemsworththe day of his birthday.

According to the medium The National of Cataloniathe artist is waiting for the day February 2 this year to make public his new song. The new theme will certainly have new expositions on the life of the new couple.

Apparently his running mate would also be Colombian Carol G., leading artist in the reggaeton genre. On this occasion, the two women seek to take advantage of the new musical theme, in order to show themselves as empowered women and refer to a verse from the song by Shakira«Women no longer cry, women charge».

Undoubtedly, Gerard Piqué will have no rest from his ex-partner, and will have to suffer all the karma for his evil past actions.