Colombian singer Shakira, has prepared a strong lawsuit for her ex-husband and father of her children Gerard PiquéIt seems that it will happen next year. 2023and the reasons have his followers in shock.

The couple who wore 12 years of a loving relationship, from which they were born Sasha Y Milan fruit of their love, she was forced to separate in the middle of the year 2022 for the infidelity of the player towards the Colombian.

In their separation, the ex-spouses had to deliberate what would be the best future for their two children, and before this and after a lot of tension they decided that the children would be in charge of their mother, so that they were away from the public press and its constant attacks.

However, it seems that not everything ends there, apparently Shakira He has another request prepared for him. Piquewhich would have to do with the exclusivity of being able to see the infants, that is, the demand carried out will prevent Pique can share with minors.

This is how the seer made it known mhoniwho recently delivered his verdict to the World Cup, assuring that Argentina I would win the world cup. She assured that he 2023 It will not be good for the Spanish, as certain unknown details about him will come to light.

The seer made it clear that gerard he could marry and have a girl with his new girlfriend Clara Chiasomething that would upset Shakira and for which she would impose a measure so that he can no longer see Sasha Y Milan.

«The devil’s card is on Piqué, because he is followed by problems in matters of fraud, in legal matters. In matters of Shakira with her children, Shakira would file a lawsuit so that she cannot see them«. She assured the seer.