Singer Shakira he has imposed only one rule on his ex-partner Gerard Piquéand father of his children so that he can share time with the minors.

The couple that until the year 2022 established herself as one of the most stable among celebrities, she had to end her relationship 12 yearswell the player Gerard Piqué He started a new relationship while he was still with the Colombian.

For this reason, the singer has been throwing several hints at the player and his lover in her most recent songs, but she has also imposed several legal measures involving the two minors. Sasha and Milanproduct of the long relationship.

When the artist found out about the infidelity, she decided to separate from the former soccer player as quickly as possible, but that could not significantly affect her two children. Making it clear at every opportunity that no matter how much suffering she must go through, her priority will be her two children.

For this reason, he asked the businessman not to involve the two minors in his new relationship, if his plans were to continue being a present father for them. Certainly, the act of Gerard Piqué He was not the best, but beyond the criticism he has shown that he can be a good father, and he has acted accordingly Shakira he requested it.

For this reason, every time the Spaniard wants to spend time with his children, he must get away from Clara Chiathe young woman with whom he deceived Shakira. Obviously, in order to ensure the good mental health of the two children aged 8 and 10.