Singer Shakira has found a subtle way to take revenge on his ex-mother-in-law, the mother of Gerard Piquéafter the attacks he had committed against his integrity.

The Colombian’s children would be the perfect plan to give the low blow to Montserrat Bernabeuafter leaking videos and images where his ex-mother-in-law attacks psychologically and physically against Piqué’s ex-partner.

The chapters full of controversy between the couple have not yet ended, contrary to this, more news emerges every day and everything that had to suffer comes to light. Shakira in his relationship with gerard and his family. For this reason, the Colombian will continue with her revenge, in which she has already made a real fortune thanks to the controversy.

After a video where you can see a Montserrat Bernabeu furiously grabbing Shakira and preventing her from speaking, more details of the terrible relationship the two had have been revealed. And now far from being with her son, the interpreter of “Monotony» will make you pay dearly, but this time where it could hurt the most.

«When Gerard traveled for soccer and Shakira with her tours, the children, despite having nannies, always ended up having dinner and doing their homework at the grandparents’ house“said the media readingsbut this will change completely.

The artist will prevent Sasha Y Milan continue to visit their grandmother, in addition to avoiding calling her as they affectionately told her: “According to the doctor’s relatives, Shakira would have asked her children not to call Joan “avi” (grandfather) and Montse, her grandmother, “ona” (from “yayona”), for which reason that supposedly put the lady very ‘very sad’, since it would be a ‘low blow’ that has her sunk«.