The Colombian women Shakira He has had to build a wall on the outskirts of his luxurious house, and everything indicates that the reason for this is the model Clara Chia.

the singer of 45 years I was planning to move from Spain at the beginning of January, due to the controversy generated after the infidelity of his ex-partner Gerard Piqué. But as a result of his father’s illness, he had to cancel his trip.

For this reason his days in Spain they must be extended, so that his father, who is in delicate health, should not expose himself to such a long trip. But her stay in the Spanish city means for her to be in the midst of constant controversies and attacks with Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend.

The Colombian in order to avoid any contact with Piqué, his family and his girlfriend Clara Chia, he has had to make adjustments in his luxurious mansion. It was recently stated that the woman from Barranquilla had to implement a high wall that divides her house from the house of her former in-laws.

The reason for this is because, according to the National of Cataloniathe model of 23 years Normally, she spends a few days in the pool of her current in-laws, and takes walks in the garden of the luxurious house, a place where the Colombian can easily see her.

Shakira He has taken this as a provocation and for this reason he decided to act to avoid new confrontations, and also prevent the neighbors from seeing the day-to-day life of Piqué’s ex-partner.